My Labrador “Tink” loves our morning walks, and so do I. Our walks give me time to clear my head and start my day fresh. On a recent walk, I turned my thoughts to Africa and began asking myself questions. Why am I so driven to plan African safaris? Why am I so passionate about Africa? Why do I dream about Africa and return year after year?

Let me tell you why……….

Often travel advisors, such as myself, are misunderstood – at least I feel I am from time to time! As a travel advisor, I promote destinations for which I am most passionate. I talk about what I feel is relevant today in the world of travel. And, I have a sincere purpose why I am advising Africa. I feel strongly that It is my job, and my duty, to pass along the knowledge and experience I have worked so hard to gain about Africa.

A safari to Africa is a win-win experience and here is why…………………………..

The People – Most want to travel to Africa to see the wildlife, but the surprise are the authentic, hospitable, and friendly people you will meet. Did you know – reputable safari companies and lodges give back a portion of every night you spend at their lodge to the people of local villages? The local people are also taught much-needed skills which provide life-long career opportunities for them.

The Wildlife – Yeh, sure, you can see African animals in a zoo, but behind bars is not the way nature intended you to see them. To witness wildlife up close and personal is life changing. Again, through conservation efforts the dollars you spend on a safari are helping fight the horrific poaching that takes place. Did you know that we lose 5 elephants an hour across Africa? Conservation foundations identify key areas that are under threat and acquire the rights to convert that land to protected areas. If there are no tourism dollars to help support conservation efforts, Africa’s wildlife and communities will gravely suffer.

The History After a trip to Africa, you will be humbled by the past of these countries. Their struggle for freedom, their fight for what we take for granted – shelter, food, medicine, education and clean water.

The Shopping – There are many places throughout Africa where handmade crafts are sold by villagers. Your purchases support their trade which in turn helps their families and brings education, food, shelter and medicine to them.

And, Giving Back – Gail’s Travel / Safaris by Gail gives a portion of our profits back to conservation in Africa. Safaris with purpose to help the people and wildlife prosper for future generations! It’s what we do proudly!

Africa is life-changing!

I stand by my hero, Nelson Mandela, in hopes that I have enlightened you about “why” I am passionate about Africa, and “why” I believe it is important to plan a life changing journey to this colorful and great continent!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

“One safari at a time, together we can make a difference!” Gail Woloz.